James Fields -  Owner

Before choosing Monitronics as our monitoring center, Force Field Alarms had the opportunity to view this facility. In our combined 35 years, we have seen other monitoring centers, but this monitoring center was by far the best. One of the things that impressed us while we were there was the response time averaging 16 seconds. 

If you are 2 miles away or 2000 miles away from the monitoring center, you are getting the same response time. They have the fastest response time in the industry today. They have multiple back-up systems in case of a natural disaster so that you are always being monitored. They are a 5 Diamond certified monitoring center and are UL listed. They have won the Frost and Sullivan Award as the best monitoring center for several years and continue to strive to be the best for years to come.

It seems everywhere you look someone is doing home security. What company do you choose? Who has the best prices? Who has better service? Who uses the best equipment? There are so many choices today on so many things.

We started Force Field Alarms with one goal in mind and that was to make YOU the customer happy. We do that by having better security, giving better peace of mind, and providing you with the best service, the best prices and user friendly equipment.

Prior to starting Force Field Alarms, we worked for a few of the local companies and we saw what worked and what didn't. We have taken the pros and done away with the cons to put together the right combination of partners to succeed in making you the customer proud in choosing us at Force Field Alarms to protect your homes, your families, your business' and all the things that can't be replaced. Thank You!

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